About Rabat

Rabat was founded in 1150 by the great Almohad sultan Abd al Moumen, just north of the ancient Roman city of Sala Colonia (Chellah). The ribat of Abd al Moumen, a sort of camp at once religious and military, was the starting point of his expeditions to Spain; it included a citadel (the Kasbah of Udaia) and immense ramparts. Several sultans subsequently completed these installations. In the 17th century, Muslim refugees from Andalusia gave the city a boost through trade, shopping and handicrafts, but Rabat declined during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was only a small town of 25,000 inhabitants in 1912 when Lyautey made it the political and administrative capital of the French protectorate.

• Monuments and tourist attractions of the city of Rabat

• Cultural Agenda of the City of Rabat City:
Several Festivals, exhibitions, concerts and conferences are organized periodically in the city of Rabat. The flagship event is the MAWAZINE Festival of World Music, which takes place in May each year and brings together the big stars of the world song.

• Geography and climate of the city of Rabat:
The annual sunshine in Rabat is greater than eight hours a day with an average annual temperature of 17 ° C. In summer, the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean refreshes the city. The thermometer is usually around 24 ° C. The days are hot but not stuffy. Europeans will appreciate! In winter, the climate is really mild. The average temperature in January is 12 ° C. It’s never cold in the day.