Recommanded lodging

  • How to get there ?
    With its international airport, Rabat is served internationally by several flights from major European cities, the international airport of Rabat-Salé is located 5km north-east of Salé.
  • Where to stay?
    At Accommodation level, Rabat has a large hotel capacity with its hotels classified from 1 to 5 stars, its guest houses, residences appart hotels and holiday clubs, comfortable establishments to all budgets.
  • Local Gastronomy?
    Like any Moroccan city you can taste very rich and varied dishes, you can enjoy an Amazigh couscous, a tagine with olives, a fish tajine or other dishes based on argan oil, olive oil. olive. You can also enjoy local hospitality around a traditional mint tea and Moroccan cakes.
    -Residential activities on the spot?
    You can have a large choice of leisure activities, which can enhance your stay, water activities (Jet Ski, Surf, Fishing, …) to other land activities (quad rides, horseback riding, hiking, …).